I am glad to welcome you on my website, which is dedicated to gluten-free diet. I am going to share with you here not only recipes with no gluten, but also review about restaurants, cafes and shops, which are specialized on gluten-free food.

I hope that the information presented on the blog will give you some source of inspiration. Because I understand how desperately you may need to pluck up your spirits after you have just been diagnosed with «celiac / gluten intolerance». Don’t be depressed, please – the time will pass and in the future you might see mostly only positive aspects of your new way of life than you are finding it negative at that exactly moment. As for me, my attitude to the situation is that the destiny has given me such kind of present – I’ve learnt how to cook, started to be more aware of the food, which I eat, and my body pays me good state of health and mood every day! Cooking has become an art for me, the possibility to express my feelings and emotions, and that is what I am doing now with the greatest pleasure.

And I hope, that as many of my recipes are diary and eggs free (because of the intolerance to that products too), they might be interesting also for vegans, vegetarians and just health food lovers. I wish you luck with experiments in your kitchen and will be glad to get comments from you.

Best regards, Yulia