Dairy-free yogurt drink (gluten free)

Finally, I’ve cooked my first dairy-free yogurt drink. In general all non-dairy yogurts have much thinner consistency than dairy yogurts. Next time I will try to add guar gum or tapioca starch to make it thicker. But this one I liked so much, it is very delicious and for me was very difficult to make photos of it, because I wanted to drink yogurt immediately. For cooking you will need culinary thermometer and electrical heating pad (I bought one of about 30*40 centimeters and it worked perfect for wrapping one liter jar).



  1. Add all the ingredients except probiotics in a saucepan and heat the milk to 82°С (180°F).
  2. Let it cool down to 42-44°С (108-112°F).
  3. Mix probiotics with a little amount of cool milk in a cup and add it in a saucepan, stir properly.
  4. Pour mixture into a glass container and incubate at about 44°С (112°F) for 12-24 hours (it depends how much thick you want it to be).
  5. Keep yogurt drink in a refrigerator.

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